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Legends of the kitchen...

The original concept of 365 was going to be a small project local to Sheffield, featuring only chefs local to The Steel City. I never dreamed that it would attract the interest of chefs in the way that it has done, and I put that down to the power of social media, and Twitter in particular.

My initial thought was that if we could get the 2 local Michelin starred restaurants involved, then we would have 'swum the channel' - the channel was swum when chefs from Fischer's Baslow Hall and The Old Vicarage immediately agreed to support the project. The arm bands were blown up and ready!

From the moment @THE_Knifeman sent a tweet out in early 2013, the bar was raising on an almost daily basis. I would often ring or text Sav (Stephen Saville) at all hours, excitedly telling him who had just agreed to support us. We were soon welcomed by a small group of chefs that embraced what we were trying to achieve. Chefs that started retweeting like mad. Chefs that started recruiting their friends and colleagues. Chefs that banter. Chefs that swear. Chefs that compliment other chefs. Chefs that rib the hell out of other chefs. Chefs like @kmaoui, @alanpaton7, @TheGrumpyChef, @Erniechef, @jonfellchef, @wharfemeister, @ChefWayner, @Hayden1974, @danchef, @mikechef11......the list is endless, but the aforementioned really helped raise awareness of our project very quickly.

We were starting to attract the attention of some of the 'celebrity' chefs, thanks mainly to the generosity (and probably the cheek) of Murray Chapman and John Feeney - both based locally, and both possessing the perfect Sheffield accent (not!). Chefs that we thought would be 'out of bounds' were suddenly sending us their recipes and photos. Mark Poynton, Cyrus Todiwala, Brian Turner, Lisa Allen....time to put the arm bands on again!

Within a matter of a few months, all 365 spaces in the book were taken. And although we do have to keep replacing a few names for various reasons, we do have an ever changing waiting list in reserve. The calibre of chefs in reserve is absolutely astonishing - but no more astonishing than the 365 names that got there first.......  


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page last updated on 27/10/2013